Food and Drink 2016: Setting the right international price for export

The first part of the food and drink feature for 2016 saw Susan Morley (Morley Consulting), Elsa Fairbanks (Food and Drink Exportese) and Katie Birrell (Nairns’ Oatcakes) share tips and advice for exporters in the sector concerned about pricing given the fall in value of the pound.

Topics covered

  • The potential affect of Brexit
  • The affects of fluctuating currency rates
  • How to manage risk
  • Which documentation and insurance terms you’ll need to consider
  • The importance of researching competitor pricing in a new market

During the session we also asked attendees the following question: “Has the impact of the weakening pound already affected your approach to international pricing and long term price quotations?” 68% said it had, 26% weren’t sure and only 5% said no.


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