Brand Appeal – common exporter mistakes to avoid taking your brand overseas

Bob McInnis (Duffy Agency) hosted a webinar on how to sell your brand internationally and how to avoid some common exporter mistakes in the process.

You can watch the video of the webinar below, and check out our Recent Webinars page to access all the Open to Export webinars giving practical guidance and answers to all your exporting concerns.

Throughout the slides the two most important points to take a hold of were to understand the market properly and use the differences in that market to your advantage.

Key points

There are different ways to translate – you may want to use a copywriter or an adaptor rather than just a translator. The most important point to remember is to focus on conveying and adapting your ideas towards the new cultural context.

Assume everything is different – by this what we mean is that you don’t want to go into a new market/country and assume that what works domestically is going to work internationally.

Don’t use logic alone – it’s important to carry out market research when bringing your brand across. For instance what may seem correct or good at the time may not be as you could be missing out on a different angle. The market is always right, even if it may seem counter intuitive

Bob also ran through a few examples of where companies didn’t do enough market research and how this can cause your brand to suffer. However following his various tips and tricks will help you make sure that you avoid these pitfalls.

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