Beyond the EU: opportunities for UK SMEs in Australia

As part of our ‘Beyond the EU‘ series we look at the opportunities and challenges for UK SMEs looking to export to Australia with Keyway Trade Initiatives and Sheltons Accountants.

Richard Harper (Keyway Trade Initiatives) gives giving an overview of the opportunities for UK exporters in Australia and the business culture over there. He also gives tips on how to work with agents / distributors in the market and how to plan a successful market entry campaign.
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Ned Shelton (Sheltons Accountants) then discusses some of the challenges involved, including:

– Advice on the Goods and Services Tax
– What you need to know about customs duties selling into Australia
– Basics of IP and trademarks
– Factors to consider when selling online to Australia
– Introduction to forming and running a company (including how to get an ABN)
Australia: Ned Shelton / Selina Handa /
Office +61 2 9299 8882

Sheltons Accountants (Sheltons Group) is an independent accounting firm working exclusively with SMEs based outside Australia working within the Australian market. Ned Shelton is the Founder & Managing Partner of Sheltons Group. Ned has Accounting and Law degrees from Australia. He spends half his time in Europe, especially in Denmark and in the United Kingdom in connection with Sheltons offices based there.

Richard Harper previously worked with UKTI Sydney as Senior Trade Promotion Manager and headed the Consumer Goods team. He has been actively involved a business involving import and distribution, and now runs his own consultancy company.

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