Trade challenge partners

Open to Export is an online community helping UK businesses get ready to sell overseas. Backed by Government and business, it is a not for profit social enterprise dedicated to helping UK companies grow through export.

As a Trade Challenge Partner you have agreed to help promote Open to Export to your members. The best ways of doing this are to:

Promote these free services to your members

  1. Link to Open to Export using our banners on your website and newsletters
  2. Encourage users to complete the Export Action Plan and enter the competition
  3. Promote our free webinars
  4. Promote our content on social media

Become an active member of the community

  1. Register to become a member of the community
  2. Respond to questions on the Ask the Experts forum
  3. Contribute content to our website
  4. Engage with us on social media

You can register on Open to Export for free as a service provider here.

Follow and engage with us on Twitter: @opentoexport

Overview of the service

Open to Export is a free service providing:

  • Guides and articles giving advice and insights into each stage of the export journey
  • Webinar programme which gives insights and practical guidance on different topics on a monthly basis
  • Export Action Plan – a tool to help exporters assess their readiness and their first steps to export
  • Ask the Experts forum in which exporters can ask questions to our community of experts and receive answers to any of their export questions

Answer our user questions

Ask the experts enables exporters to ask our community of experts questions regarding any detail of the export process in any sector or industry.

If you’re interested in answering questions follow these instructions.

As a registered service provider you can receive notifications of questions in your sector or area. This is an excellent opportunity to be sent appropriate leads straight into your inbox on a regular basis.

Promote the Export action plan

The Export action plan is a new tool designed to help first time exporters realise and plan the first steps they need to take toward exporting. Users will complete tasks and challenges and will then be able to generate a PDF report which they can take to their ITA, bank or use for their own purposes to better inform any conversations they will have or decisions they will make regarding their export strategy. For more information, go here.

Encourage users to submit their action plans to our competition for the chance to win £3000 funding to implement their export plans.

Promote our webinars

We produce webinars on important areas of export on a monthly basis. These are generally not sector specific but we are always open to doing features for different sectors – we’ve done webinars for the food and drink sector for example.

These receive extremely high satisfaction levels from attendees and receive a lot of praise from DIT and beyond. Please share either these recordings of recent webinars, or our upcoming webinars.

Share and contribute content

Our core content offering can be found in the 5 steps to export – the 5 landing pages around which our website and content offering are structured. These are:

Please have a read and share any content which you think is useful.

We also actively encourage content contributions for these pages and to our soon-to-be released blog page. This is a good opportunity to engage with our community of 10,000 exporters and the broader export community who visit our site. If you want to contribute, please read our editorial guidelines and get in touch with our content manager Will at [email protected]

Creative assets and linking to our site

Please link to us on your website using the following link with the associated campaign tracking code:

Open to Export FLYER – a flyer to send to your member base, to provide an overview of the Open to Export service. Printed copies available on request.

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Please get get in touch with us at [email protected] if you have any questions or require additional resources or information to promote us to your members.

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