5 Steps to Export Success

Open to Export is the free online information service from the Institute of Export & International Trade, dedicated to helping small UK businesses get ready to export and expand internationally.

We offer a wealth of free information and practical advice along a 5 step journey to export success, including articles, webinars, and frequently asked questions.

These steps are: ‘Getting started’, ‘Selecting a market’, ‘Reaching customers’, ‘Pricing and getting paid’, and ‘Delivery and documentation’.

Finally, our Export Action Plan tool asks you questions along each of these 5 steps, giving your prompts and useful resources along the way, to allow you to create a coherent and comprehensive plan for taking your business global.

Getting started

In ‘Getting started’ we guide you through what exporting means, how it changes your business, and whether you are truly ready to start doing it. We also look at some small businesses who have already succeeded in going global.

Selecting a market

In ‘Selecting a market’ we guide you through the considerations you need to make when selecting which market to export to, how to conduct thorough market research, and cultural differences in overseas markets will affect your product and marketing.

Reaching customers

In ‘Reaching customers’ we you through marketing your product in your selected market. This includes both online and offline strategies, and covers attending tradeshows and working with distributors.

Pricing and getting paid

In ‘Pricing and getting paid’ we ask you to consider the most important part of doing business – how you get paid and how much. This section includes currency and advanced financing options like letters of credit.

Delivery and documentation

In ‘Delivery and documentation’ we guide you through the practical requirements for getting your goods delivered, including things like packing lists and incoterms, as well as how freight forwarders can help.

Create your plan

Finally, the Export Action Plan tool helps you to create a roadmap to export success, asking you questions along these 5 steps. Upon completion you can enter it into the competition for the chance to win £3000 cash and more prizes.

Export Action Plan