Open to Export offers a number of ways for businesses & organisations that provide services to exporters to demonstrate their expertise and promote themselves to the UK business community. The first step is to register on the site and create a profile for yourself and your business. You can add a photo and short bio to your personal profile, and a logo and company description to your business profile. This is the best place to tell users what you do and exactly how you can help them on their export journey.

Once you have registered and created your profiles, you can get involved in the site in several ways:

Adding content

All content on Open to Export is provided by users, key contributors and partners. It is absolutely free to upload content onto the site and is a great way of demonstrating your knowledge and expertise to UK exporters. You can upload three main types of content: articles, events and opportunities. While we do require that content isn’t overly promotional, it does offer the opportunity for you to build your reputation among the community, and each piece of content you upload will link to your personal and company profiles.

You can find out more about uploading content, including easy-to-use guides and a selection of suggested article subjects based on our current requirements, in the Contributor Guidance section.

Answering questions

Open to Export is a community-driven service and one of the most obvious aspects of that is the ‘Questions‘ section. It is here that UK businesses at all stages of the export journey have the opportunity to ask for specific help and advice. For a service provider, this offers the opportunity to connect directly with potential customers by providing knowledgeable, helpful answers in their area(s) of expertise. Like uploading content, it is absolutely free to participate in this way and all answers you provide will be accompanied by a link to your personal and company profiles. Being active in this section of the site gives ample opportunity for demonstrating sound knowledge and potentially generating business leads.

We have created this helpful guide to the Questions section, which includes instructions on how to set question notification filters, so that you receive email alerts for questions most relevant to you.

Linking to Open to Export

If your website has visitors who could benefit from using Open to Export, then directing them here via a link on your site will provide them with added value. We welcome links to our site and have created this link building page with everything you should need to set these up, including instructions, images and suggested text.

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