Writing to Arab business people


I would like to write an introductory letter to high net worth Arab individuals and business people offering close personal protection services.

How should I open and close the letter?

thank you for your help


Hi Nigel, the short answer is send the whole letter in Arabic! We would normally recommend that in English you use a polite but formal tone. Happy to quote to translate it into Arabic, and to translate the return correspondance if required. Although English is commonly spoken in the Middle East, you are potentially much more credible if you have all correspondance, warketing materials including a website in Arabic. Apart from this the better you understand the culture of your potential clients, the easier it will be to build relationship, and ultimately to sell. I’ve recently been recommeded a really good book on working with Arabic cultures called "Don’t they know its Friday", its available on Amazon.

Hope this helps.

Kindest regards



Thanks Mike


And Nigel – if you need some advice on your travel options to visit them, just let me know! Good luck to you. John

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