Will there be additional capabilities added to the SPIRE system during 2017?


Please can you clarify whether there are to be additional capabilities added to Spire during 2017?

(This question was asked at one of our recent webinars on Export Controls. You can listen to this webinar on our recent webinars page at http://opentoexport.com/info/webinars/)


The SPIRE system is currently being replaced, and the ECO are writing a blog charting the progress of the development: http://blogs.bis.gov.uk/exportcontrol/uncategorized/notice-to-exporters-201611-read-our-blog-on-replacing-spire/


The new import export licensing system to replace SPIRE will have new capabilities. To keep updated with all the plans please visit the SPIRE blog https://importexportlicensing.blog.gov.uk/

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