Will my customers be charged for import duty or taxes once my product reaches their country?


I’m looking to sell my garments international mainly the U.S. but I’m a bit worried about what my customers will be charged in terms of import duty and taxes once it reaches their country.

Doe’s anyone know the rules etc in regards to charges etc.



Hi Mark,

Thanks for your question – I’m sure you’ll get some useful answers over the next couple of days.

In the meantime, this article may give some initial answers at least – http://opentoexport.com/article/vat-import-duties-customs-charges-tariff-codes-what-you-need-to-know/

Good luck!



Hi if you are selling direct to the end user e.g on Amazon or eBay or own website the tax free threshold to the U.S. Is $200 USD as long as total items in the pacakge are under this amount, this applies for most goods they will not attract any duty or tax it presented and exported correctly when shipping individual orders to the United States. Mexico same rules apply but the tax free amount is $300 USD.

Our company are specialists in shipping eCommerce type goods to United States, Mexico and Canada.

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Hi Mark,

Do you plan exporting to business buyers USA in volume , or perhaps direct or drop ship to private individuals ?

Best regards

James Bolland

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