who specialises in exporting to ex pat communities around the world


i am looking to export a simple beer in the bag home brew bitter. You simply add water to a bag and 7 days later you have beer at 4% ABV and i think the ex pat market will be huge


Dear Jeremy
It might be worth checking out for possible distributors in New Zealand ,Australia , Canada etc.and of couse Spain .Especially since country has its own regulations regarding food and drink imports.
Once you have found possible outlets please contact us by email [email protected]
or give us a call on 01263 513127 and we will try to help with freight rates etc.
best regards
Colin; Crown Freight ltd


It might be worth your while to gain access to Chinese market. I am currently trying to make contacts with the community of English expatriates abroad. We have the same objective. I have some agents in China to give me assistance.


Hi Jeremy,

Inwards payments to UK accounts are subject to a fee and currency conversion rate from your bank which will add on to your financial costs.

One popular method to minimize these costs is to obtain the service of an FSA authorized foreign exchange dealer where the fees are very low compared to the banks and the exchange rate very much in your favor.

As we are one of the specialists in this field if you wish to proceed or need further clarifications, please contact us on 020 7240 1214 or [email protected]

Good luck with your new venture.


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