Who should issue Health Certificates?


We have been asked to provide Health Certificates for products exported from UK warehouse (Food Supplements and Sports Nutrition products) that are manufactured in the EU.

Should the Certificate come from us (as brand owner and country of departure) or our manufacturers?

Who issues these Certificates?

Is it only for products from animal origin (in our case bovine milk for our whey powders)?

All very confusing and cannot find a definitive answer.

Thank you.



I imagine other contributors will have more knowledge in this area but to start you off I believe your local Council or DEFRA issue health certificates depending on the type of goods. Hopefully you can locate a phone number for these organisations to further your enquiry.



Hi Gilly
Health Certificates for your type of product should be available from your local Council in Gloucester:
Telephone: 01452 396396

Defra, I believe, issue Health Certificates for meat and live animals.


Tracy Ruff
UKTI South West
Tel 01275 370766


Please visit the link, which contains extensive information on export health certificates.


If you have further questions you may contact: guliz.kiymaz@mobile.ukti.gov.uk

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