Who should complete the Certificate of Origin?



We are being told by a forwarder that they will do the certificate of origin on our behalf but I was always taught as an exporter we should prepare all export documentation as we are responsible for the shipment.

Is that correct?



A third party can fill out and sign a certificate of origin, though its unusual why a freight forwarder would even want to do this on your behalf (at least, not without charging you a fee for the service).


A Freight Forwarder will normally have the contacts/links with the respective Chamber of Commerce office which makes processing a Certificate of Origin electronically so much easier.. They will also have the blank forms to hand therefore making life easier for the Exporter.

Exporters can of course process Certificates of Origin but i would recommend setting up an account with the Chamber if you haven’t already done so. I would also suggest ordering a batch of blank forms if you have regular shipments which require CofO’s..


I guess the forwarder wants to complete the Certificate of Origin as this gives them complete control and they can only blame themselves if there is an issue, as the CofO’s cost money it’s probably a bonus for you.

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