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Good morning.

As a new exporter, I have potential new clients in Canada, a client in Australia and a client in Belgium. I am combining their order for 1000 peaces each to meet the 3000 MOQ of my manufacturer. Along with my quote for the goods, I included an indicative price for shipping in order to make it easier for my clients to calculate the total cost for them. The Australian guy wants to use his own logistics firm which is fine by me. However, the Canadian and Belgian guys are looking to me to arrange shipping. They both think the shipping prices I gave them are high.

I have a couple of issues with this scenario. Firstly, I went to a seminar on exporting to Australia and there are some rather involved rules about who is the importer and who is the exporter and therefore who is responsible for the taxes, charges and duties. I assume there are similar rules in other countries. If I arrange the shipping will I not become the importer as well as the exporter.

Secondly, when I buy something off Amazon, I can select which delivery service I require, but I can’t dictate who the courier is or how much the delivery will cost. So are these guys just being cheeky? Seeing as I only have an official order from Canada, I am reluctant to put a lot of time and effort into sorting this out for it all to come to nothing.

I would appreciate your help greatly.

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Hi Emma
A lot will depend on how you are selling or buying your goods ex works c and f ddp, ?
if you can let us know how you are selling and give details of weight dims etc we can give you a quote if you are not sure again please call or e mail me and i will do anything i can to help.

If goods are small and being sent courier just about all couriers services are door to door any taxes duties will have to be paid by actual importer.

please get in touch if you need help
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Emma, depends on your terms of sale really. I’ll send you a guide to Incoterms which might be useful.

Kind rgds
Nigel Sleigh


Thank you for responding gentlemen 🙂

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