Who completes the export documentation in my supply chain?


We sell chairs. They are built to order for us in Hungary from where they are delivered direct to our customers. We have an ex-works order to a customer in the USA. He has arranged an Austrian transport company to collect the chairs from Hungary on Friday 15th jan and deliver the chairs direct to the USA.

Who completes the export documentation? Is it us in the uk or Hungary where the chairs are manufactured and are being collected from? Who is the exporter?thanks.


Hey there, a bit of a riddle you have given us here!

Your company bought the goods from Hungary which means your company owns them. Presuming the company is registered in the UK and has sold the goods from the UK then this would make the company the exporter. Because Hungary are in the EU and the goods are presumably in free circulation, I guess this makes it quite straight forward and so largely just the same process as if the goods were in the UK (just a different collection point).

As the shipment you allude to is EXW then your customer in the US is responsible for organising all of the transportation but they will need the standard commercial documentation from yourself that will enable them to do that.

As you are shipping on an EXW basis, just make sure you get a copy of the customs export entry / departure notice from them once the goods have left the EU for your compliance purposes. Would recommend FCA over EXW because it just gives you a little bit more control over the organisation of the export customs formalities and if you ask nicely a freight forwarder would probably do this for you for next to nothing.

A little late and a little sleepy, but pretty sure I am fairly confident I am right in what I am saying here. There is a really good customs notice on this but I’m sorry I did take a look but couldn’t just find it.

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