Who are the Defense manufacturing and engineering companies in South Africa


We would like to know if there is a list or directory of defense manufacturing or engineering companies for South Africa. We intend to use this information as part of our market research with a view to tackling this market.


Hi I have just spotted your question on Open to Export.
My role is as Aerospace Trade Adviser for UKTI in South East region and my immediate answer would be DENEL is main South African company but I can ask my Defence and Security sector colleague for further information if that would be of assistance. I can see that you have also had some dealings with UKTI previously so would you be happy for me to call you? Regards Stephen Myatt


Many thanks for the response. Our main interests would be the supply of vibration and shock isolation for military vehicle mounted equipment. We also supply trays and racks for mounting equipment in military vehicles. We have a number of other products and as you are mainly involved in aerospace you may be able to advise us concerning our avionics racking and our range of illuminated control panels and display systems which are supplied for both aircraft fit and simulation. Please feel free to contact me direct. Regards, Maurice

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