Where to set up manufacturer for auto-disable syringes


I am working as an intern for a medical device research, design, and development company. In light of the impending WHO initiative focusing on the use of safe and appropriate curative injections, I’ve been doing research into which areas we should look into constructing and or converting manufacturing facilities to meet the new increased demand for our products that will follow.

I was hoping that you might be able to shed some light, or point me in the direction of someone who could give me information on where in sub-Saharan Africa would be an ideal location for large scale manufacturing of our syringes?


Hi Gabriel,

Found this in my inbox and coincidentally happen to know a bit about your above statement. In particularly within compliance.

Certainly, you’ll need to know local/regional regulations in order to manufacture. More importantly, you’ll need to be specific on laws re the product’s destination port country. Ie. Your products must be specifically labeled for the medical usage intended for. In cases like the US, with failed usage disclaimer could result in paraphernalia charges and/or disposal leading to refused entry at port.

In one case, I saw small plastic vials manufactured in Russia shipping to the USA actually result in criminal charges. So please exercise caution with such products.

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