Where is the best place to find investment for my media business?


I have an advertising and production (creative and corporate communications) company. www.blisstropic.tv www.youtube.com/blisstropictv

I have the strategies and business plans for music, fashion, art and film. To supply filming services and pictures and video to the world and Jamaica from Jamaica and London.

I have started collecting content and I have established links with everybody on the Island.

All the content I make has a massive ROI potential because it is low-cost high quality, very high relative volume. ROI is from 40 to 4000% per project.

I can supply numerous services in the financial sector and media sector (so basically every business that exists) from specialist 20 years experience.

Is there anyone who can help me get funding to take my company to the next level. I have done this all on my own.

I am currently based in London and travel to Jamaica frequently and am investing in HQ there and relocating permanently as soon as I get more investment.

I have hundreds of hours of video and millions of photos already and it is all worth a lot of money.

Thanks in advance and regards.



You mentioned you’re in London, and so a useful place to start is with local business support agencies to find out what’s out there. The BIS website has a recent update of some of the possible access to finance options:


If you’re willing to share your business, then an alternative is looking for investors who would put resources (money, time, contacts, ….) into your business in return for an agreed share of the business.

You did not say if you’ve had any clients and what market research you’ve done. A third way is to grow your client base and continue to self-finance to grow the business until it gets to the stage where others may approach you to invest in the business.

A client I worked with recently focused on online presence, business coaching, advice and networking contacts and putting in place an action plan to win new clients. That has begun to yield returns, and while there was an initial loan to start the business, his focus is now on generating revenues and building his brand.

I too am based in London and would be happy to have a brief telephone or skype discussion with you if you’re interested.

Best wishes with your business.


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There are a number of things that I would suggest you do. For one, there are venture capital funds to be had in Jamaica – Mayberry Investment has one such fund and also the Development Bank of Jamaica would be another useful place to look for lowcoast funding. I would also speak with the Creative Industries Unit at JAMPRO to help me find some support or to guide on revenue-generating opportunities. In addition, have you started showcasing your footage to advertising agencies or production houses, who may be able to buy stock footage from you as a revenue stream until you produce your own content.

I am the head of UKTI Jamaica and I am based in Kingston and would be happy to connect you with any of the opportunities above. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

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