Where do I start with researching export of Textiles for re-use out of the UK?


I work for a waste management company as a Deep-Sea Shipping and Exports Co-Ordinator, we currently export several materials overseas and I’m interested in extending our current list to include textiles. I’ve started research and visited the UK Trade and Investment website but not sure where to start with regards to suppliers and countries to export to.


The difficulty here, is that textiles are very varied from everything
to do with contemporary craft, printing, fabrics and fashion materials.
I will give you some websites and see if they are of any use.
For Contemporary craft in the East – Smiths Rowshop http://www.smithsrow.org/shop
telephone 01284 762081 (this is done via Suffolk County Council).
Textile Printing WYPW http://www.wypw.org
WBC Fabrics http://www.whaleys-bradfordltd.uk
telephone 01274 576718
Croftmill http://www.croftmill.co.uk
telephone 01282 859281
or try http://www.online-fabrics.co.uk


Thanks Rosa but I’m actually looking into exporting waste texiles so shredded material or second-hand clothing for resale, I realise I did not put that in my original question! But thank you for your response.



I do apologise but there is the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) their headquarters is in
Brussels and the UK Technical Director is Ross Bartley. They deal with recycling waste materials for fibres and other recycling items. Their website is www.bir.org/industry/textiles you can e-mail them at bir@bir.org or their contact number is + 32 (2) 627 57 70 or fax + 32 (2) 627 57 73. I do not know if one has to be a member of their organisation. I hope this is more useful.

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