Where do I find a sales contract?


I am currently sourcing products from a UK based supplier to export to Dubai.

When I find a suitable supplier I will obviously need to sign a contract with them outlining the rules of our trade agreement.

Where do I get this type of contract from? And how do I know what terms to outline in this contract?

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Dear Sam

I suggest you try ContractStore – www.contractstore.com – which has a wide range of contract templates that you can buy and download online. Their catalogue includes a number of sale contracts at this link: http://www.contractstore.com/goods-manufacture-supply and either their document A120 or A138 might suit you.

If you need any further support, you can let me know at [email protected]



Dear Sam

We run a part load service to this destination so once you have established what papers you need or if you need any further help in relation to paperwork please contact us for rates to move your shipment.

You will need to decide what terms you but from your supplier e.g. will you arrange the freight to Dubai or will you put that in the contract from your buyer and let them arrange the shipping. (Incoterms)

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