Where can we find help to get product translations right for Ebay and Amazon and general SEO?


We are specifically interested in getting product translations right for retail platforms such a Ebay and Amazon and general SEO

(This question was asked at the ‘Don’t get lost in translation’ webinar on March 11th 2016.)


No easy answer to that one – most translators will advertise they translate web content and retail platforms aren’t hard per se, but few actually really get SEO.

If SEO matters then my recommendation would be to ask your prospective translator whether they maintain THEIR OWN WEBSITE, or subcontract it – it it’s maintained by someone in-house (and ranks decently in ORGANIC search, not paid) you can be pretty sure they’ll understand the whole SEO question. If they just sub-contract maintenance of the whole thing (most do) and/or just rely on paid advertising to get onto Google they probably leave SEO up to their site provider and you’ll be on less solid ground, especially as SEO in other languages can be very different to English. We’re just starting to SEO our new French pages and it’s proving very interesting!

This help?


Just for the record, we do 🙂

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