Where can I find the beer exporting webinar?


I wanted to watch a webinar about exporting beer last Thursday 9th October but due to being stuck in a 3 hour traffic jam I missed it! Is it still on this site somewhere, and if so could you please give me a link.

Many thanks


Hi Carley

Not to worry about missing the webinar, we have just uploaded it to our YouTube channel where you can watch all of our previous webinars back on-demand:


Kind regards


Hi Carley,

CML Ltd are a freight forwarder based in Leicestershire. We are currently export beers from micro breweries to Singapore on a regular basis. We are consolidating the products to ship in full containers to keep costs low. I am sure we can assist not only with the shipping of your goods but also with an introduction to the Importer in Singapore.

Please feel free to contact me if this is of interest.

Kindest Regards

James Thorpe
International Business Development Manager

Export Action Plan