Where can I find reasonably priced office space in LA?


Where can I find reasonably priced office space in LA?


In the United States, each state has its own Economic Development Agency (EDA) which can offer some specialised assistance including:
 business climate, economy information, development news
 tax and financing help, enterprise zone information, business assistance and employee training programmes
 available buildings and sites, city & industry links

The California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development is the state’s EDA that can assist you with finding office space within California: http://www.business.ca.gov/Home.aspx

More specifically, the EDA for Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, can assist you with finding space and setting up an office in the LA area:
444 South Flower Street, 34th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071
+1 (213) 622 4300

Select USA (http://selectusa.commerce.gov/) is the programme under the US Department of Commerce that is helpful in explaining the benefits of establishing a business in the USA; it can also provide additional Economic Development Agency contacts to assist you. Please contact [email protected] to be put in touch with an adviser who can help you.

Information provided includes:
• A searchable guide of federal programs and services available to businesses operating in the United States—including grants, loans, loan guarantees, and tax incentives;
• Industry snapshots that describe the competitive landscape; and
• A catalogue on “Why to Select the USA?” that explains the advantages of operating a business in the United States.


Thank you for your inquiry.

We are a free search service for companies looking for office in LA and through -out North America. The offices are furnished, pre-wired and internet ready on very flexible terms. This means there is minimum investment requirement to move into the space. The offices are based on flexible terms ensuring that you can expand or contract in office size so you are only paying for the space you need at that time period. We have multiple locations listed with us in LA and the surrounding areas so depending on your requirements we can provide you with a short list of locations to review and visit if and when you are available to do so.

Please don’t hesitate to email me to danie[email protected] or call me directly on 001 212 403 2861.

Daniel Soffer

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