Where can I find out how much I would be taxed on bringing over Indian clothes/ jewellery?


to bring over shoes and jewellery from India to sell on a UK website do I need to have an export licences? Where can I find out how much I would be taxed on this?


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Can you please let me know what type of shoes and also the specific type of jewellery you will be importing.

I can then get you correct Import DUTY/VAT rates that will need to be paid before container isw released in the UK.

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Hello Harriet,
The amount of import duty is determined by the tariff code allotted to the product in combination with any reduction in duty that can be obtained due to the reason the goods are being imported or the origin of the products.

You can look up the tariff codes and duty rates at this link https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff/sections. Shoes are in chapter 64 and jewellery is in chapter 71. You do need to look carefully and pick the correct code to match your product. You can then see the import duty under the import tab.

Also under the import tab you will see Third Country measures – Third Country duty you will see the basic duty rate for the product. The table below that measures for specific countries or country groups shows you how manufactured origin will reduce the duty rate. Click on the links to find out the countries included in each measure.

Origin is not the place from whence the goods are shipped. It is the place where they are made but there can be quite a complicated calculation to decide where this is. If all the parts of your products actually were made in India and all the manufacturing was done in India you are quite likely to qualify for Indian origin. Your supplier will need to provide evidence of origin.

In addition to import duty you will have to pay import VAT at 20%.

If you are importing the items to UK in order to re-export them, to process them or repair them there may be ways you can legally avoid the import duty.


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