Where can I find out about upcoming trade missions?


I have a software company and am interested in expanding my operations outside of the UK, where can I find out about upcoming trade missions and how do I get on them?


Hi Ben,

That’s easy – register your company with your local Chamber of Commerce, as well as UKTI (www.ukti.gov.uk), and let them know you are interested in trade missions.

Each mission is different and has different criteria of entry – however they are on a first come, first served basis, if I am not mistaken.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Sal!


Speak to UKTI who will have a Trade Advisor give you the information you require pertinent to your business and the countries of opportunity.
You can get on Trade Missions, but be specific about which ones you choose to go to as they need to be focussed in the industry sector you operate in.
You would need to have investigated market opportunities for your software applications to identify your most appropraite target countries and companies/partners. We can assist you with this if you wish.

Brian Mclean. Meridian Marketing International
[email protected]

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