Where can I find food manufacturers list?


I want to start food and drink export, I have tried to contact branded food manufacturers but no response. Can someone help me?


Your local Chamber should be able to help or your local library…. Otherwise there are many companies that will sell you more detailed data bases.

The rest is down to having the right contact, selling yourself, and having a good proposition. They get hounded by businesses trying to offer these services, so like anything else you either need to employ professional help or make sure your sales skills and proposition are tight. I suspect that having asked such a question assistance would be your best bet.


I am surprised, this website is very helpful. I thank all of you for this great help.


Hi Tauseef

My name is Ryan from BF Projects , We are a family run freight forwarder in Belfast

If you need any help with Rates, for exporting you’re food and drink please get in contact, we can get very competitive rates import and export,

Please see below my contact details.


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