Where can I find a up to date list of coutries who have an import ban on British Beef?


We supply a range of ready meals in the UK and are looking to export worldwide. We know that Russia has lifted their ban on British Beef imports recently. As has the UAE. We are struggling to find a concise list of countries eligable to export to.

We have interest in our range of products from Turkey, Chile, South Africa and Brazil.



India is one such country where beef cannot be imported.



Hi Mike, don’t forget that there are specific issues with Islamic countries, e.g. Turkey which you mention, if the meat is not Halaal. We’re happy to help with any food label translation needs, and also partner with companies which offer food compliance advice. Kindest regards Mike


Dear Mike
I think you might have to check country by country.Each country has its own
regulations of what is permitted especially in food products.sorry its not much help.
Once you have found out what countries accept what products please drop us an email
colin.crown@ntlworld.com or give us a call on 01263 513127 and we will try help on the freighting side of things.
best regards
Colin; Crown freight ltd

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