When sourcing overseas distributors, besides the UKTI website, are there any other resources to seek trade enquiries?


When sourcing overseas distributors, besides the UKTI website, are there any other resources to seek trade enquiries?

This question was asked at our recent webinar – Finding the right agent or distributor to grow your business overseas


Hi Dan,

I am a Certified International Trade Advisor and a private market entry specialist (working on a fee) for Romania, Central and Eastern Europe. I know exactly where to find agents and distributors which to correspond to the requirements of exporters such as you as I know where to look in the countries I cover. I know as well how and where to gather relevant information about the distributors/agents such as economic data in the last 3-5 years (turnover, profit, loss, number of employees, brands they already work with), contact details and contact person. I do as well introductions. But I am a private business and I charge a fee for the result.
Please read more about how to deal with agents/distributors here: http://www.thebrc.co.uk/distributor/
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Hi Dan

Finding good distributors entails extensive market scanning and relationship management. If you’re looking for a list of distributors relevant to your sector, it would be fine to approach the national trade and industry government agencies of the country you’re targeting. You may also want to try exploring getting in touch with trade associations as distributors will usually be members of such organisations. Aside from this, British Chamber and UKTI offices will be able to assist companies like you find relevant and most appropriate distributors for your products and services.

I work for the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines (BCCP) and UKTI Manila in delivering services to help companies like yours to export or set up businesses in the Philippines. Our Headstart services are delivered in line with UKTI standards, whom we work closely with. Under Headstart, we can help you understand the market better, arrange market visit for you, introduce you to local contacts like distributors and arrange events to help you promote your product/ services in the market. We also arrange Trade Missions.

Should you be interested in exploring opportunities in the Philippines, we, at the BCCP would be delighted to assist you further.

Kind regards,

Patricia De Mesa
Project and Research Officer
British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
T: (+63 2 5565232 loc. 302)
E: [email protected]
W: www.britcham.org.ph/uksmesphilippines

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