When goods are controlled is the software and technology always controlled?


Software and Technology – the majority of our goods are category 6, from review we have identified that they are not controlled for use but they are for production, can you clarify as the presenter said that when the goods are controlled the software and technology is always controlled.

(This question was asked at one of our recent webinars on Export Controls. You can listen to this webinar on our recent webinars page at http://opentoexport.com/info/webinars/)


Information technology controls cover “information necessary for the development, production or use of controlled goods”. Technology controls for Cat 6 can be found under sub category 6E. 6E002 is the control for technology according to General Technology Note for the “production” of equipment or materials specified in 6A, 6B or 6C. Software controls for production are 6D001.

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