Whats the best way of finding out the potential market size for products in overseas countries?


I am trying to find out what Asian countries renewable energy policies/commitments are now and for the future and how governments are supporting this market. Especially for Biogas market.


I have recently been researching some facts and figures for a UK client of mine wanting to know something similar for India and found a very useful site. Please take a look at The Energy and Resources Institute www.teriin.org

They have produced a summary document called "National Energy Map for India" – Technology Vision 2030. If you are unable to find it drop me an email to r.england@consultingforexport.net and I will email you a copy.

Richard England


Thanks Duncan. Im using the UKTI, who are a useful source of information, just wondered if i was missing a trick on any good websites or alerts for doing some digging myself.


Thanks Richard, found it.

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