What would be the rough costings to consider in exporting solar PV products from the UK to Nigeria?


We are a small environmental consultancy with a unique set of stakeholders and suppliers. A contact has approached us in Nigeria and is interested in importing solar PV product form the UK for a number of interested, large domestic projects. We are not experts in this field, and are currently in the scoping phase of the idea. However, we would very much appreciated all known associated costs and key barriers to this proposal, and any supporting information that is available.

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Matt ( Decarbonated Consultancy)


HI Matt, one thing you will need to consider is that exports to Nigeria are regulated by SONCAP, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Programme.

SONCAP verifies the conformity of all products exported to Nigeria except those that appear on the Excluded Product List and enforces their standards. Compliance to SONCAP requirements is applicable in addition to any existing import processes and is mandatory in order to get the necessary Certificate of Conformity for Customs clearance.

The CoC has to be issued by a SON Approved Inspection Body of which Intertek is the longest serving, if your products are regulated they will also require an inspection.

You can get more details on the programme from http://www.intertek.com/government/product-conformity/exports/nigeria/ alternatively you can contact my colleague Estelle Mann our SONCAP UK Coordinator on Tel: +44 (0) 1908 857815 or email her at [email protected].

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Hi There Matt,

Thanks for asking the question and I hope you are well.
We would love to help you with this project! Please can you advise of weights, dimensions and a collection point, we can provide you with all the information you require.
Lastly, would you like this to be transported by air or sea freight?

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Sally @ Transvalair
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Dear Matt,
There are a number of factors / costs to consider when dealing with exports to Nigeria, there would be banking costs, as I assume sale would be under terms of a letter of credit, terms of sale, shipping costs, depending on size and weights of items, cost effective in 20′ or 40′ containers. As mentioned above, shipments to Nigeria are subject to SONCAP, requirements, I believe have recently changed, and shipments would now require a pre-shipment inspection at time of loading, and samples would possibly need to be tested prior to shipment to adhere to SONCAP regulations, I would be happy to advise /assist and quote you for shipping, arranging testing and liasing with the inspection agencies, etcs. Please email me directly on [email protected], or call on 01932 565225 if I can be of futher assistance.
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