What type of licences/permissions I will require to export OCC waste from UK to India?



Please allow me to introduce myself as Kinjal Patadia from London. We have our recycling units in India where we recycle all sort of waste collected locally as well as imported from USA.

Now I would like to export OCC waste from UK as well. For the same, I have already acquired Carrier & Broker license from Environmental agency. Can you please guide me what other licences/per permission I need to export OCC waste?

Moreover I am also looking for reliable suppliers of OCC waste.

Your expert advice would be much appreciable.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks

Kinjal Patadia


Hi Kinjal,

Thanks for your enquiry.

My colleague Dinesh Arya – Senior Trade and Investment Adviser, Energy and Environment in India will be responding shortly.



Dear Kinjal,

I am the Trade & Investment adviser based in Kolkata, India and I work on the Environment & Water sector. I would suggest you to consult with your local ITA (International Trade Advisor) based in the UK as they would have more knowledge on the licenses required when you are expoting from the UK. I can advise you on the licenses/regulations when you are importing to India.

When you are importing to India, you’l have to check that the Indian importer must have a IEC code (an Impoter License) which is issued by is issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade. While the majority of the goods are freely importable, the Exim Policy (2007) of India prohibits import of certain categories of products as well as conditional import of certain items. In such a situation it becomes important for the importer to have an import license issued by the issuing authorities of the Government of India.

Waste paper is classified under ITC (HS) Code No.4707 9000 and import of the item in India is free. However, as per Hazardous Material (Management, Handling and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2008 notified by Ministry of Environment & Forests on 24.9.2008, import of the item has been made subject to actual user condition with permission from Ministry of Environment & Forests (MOEF) and a licence from DGFT.

Importers of waste paper may make an import licence application to the concerned Regional Authority of DGFT for issue of an import licence. The import licence shall be issued by the concerned Regional Authority based on a ‘No Objection Certificate’ obtained by the importer from MOEF. In these cases, the Regional Authority shall issue a licence without waiting for any formal approval from DGFT HQrs.

Hope this was useful.

Best regards,
Dipankar Chakraborty
Trade & Investment adviser, India


Hello Mr Chakraborty,

Many thanks for your advice. Its very helpful.

As advised, I will try to find out a local ITA. At the same time, It would be much appreciated if you can let me know the contact details of any ITA you are in contact with in UK.

Look forward to hear from you.

Once again, thanks and best regards.

Kinjal Patadia

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