What steps are necessary for exporting to China


I am a (early)-retired sales and marketing manager and have some business contacts in China that would like to source products manufactured in the UK and also the EU.

I would like to set up a business here in the UK to purchase goods and export them to this company in China.

The Chinese company have identified some UK and German suppliers and will transfer funds to me for purchase of the products.
My business would purchase products and arrange the export to China, on a commission basis.

What steps are necessary to achieve this, what licenses do I need and what regulations must I follow?

Peter Joseph


Hi Peter, it depends on the type of products you’re looking to export. I’d be happy to offer you some guidance over phone or email if you’d like? My phone number is 02392756575 and my email is [email protected]


Good Morning

Once you have a clear idea of which products you wish to export feel free to contact us and we can help you further with the requirements for each commodity. Good luck in your endeavour!

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Graham Bedford
Jenkar Shipping Ltd


Hi Peter,

I have recently started a similar venture and would agree completely with what John Galvan has mentioned above. It is imperative to have the foundation right in terms of company structure and VAT registration. You can do most of it yourself (like I did) or use services of an accountant who’d be able to guide you through that. Nothing too complex, but he needs attention to details especially for the way VAT works within EU.

You might also want to read up on EORI (https://www.gov.uk/eori-supporting-guidance), as I had my goods held at exit point from UK, failing EORI number, and it got delayed for 3/4 days.

And lastly depending on the items you are going to export you’ll have specific rules/laws which would govern what license you’d need to apply.

Hope above helps a bit if not completely. And as always please let us know if you need more information.

B Gandhi

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