What should be the Declared Value for Items coming into the UK from Outside the EU for repair


I’ve aksed a similar question in relation to our rental business which was helpful although not conclusive)…we also have a calibration and repair business and a number of non-EU customers. These customers are sending their goods to us for repair and using a nominal value for the goods which doesnt seem to bear any relation to the repair cost of the open market value of the products themselves….(arguably the units are virtually worthless unless they work). But is there a guide or a frame work to calculate what the true declared value should be?
They obvouisly need to re-import back into their own countries and may not have a temporary export/import frame work that enables them to do so without high costs…but we want to remain within the bounds of UK law.


Dear Antony,

Thank you for your question. Apologies for the delay in responding.

Can I suggest that you contact HMRC who will have information on regulations for this. Our direct contact is Susanne Yoxall. Her email is susanne.j.yoxall@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk

Hope that this helps.




Hello Anthony,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the importation of goods from Outside the EU. If you would like information regarding the importation of goods for repair and return then please direct your question to our e-mail box at the following address www.hmrc.gov.uk/contactus

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