What product should be exported to India from UK


I own 2 warehouses and a garment manufacturing factory in New Delhi.Now i would like to start export from UK to India as i have a good base in India. I am looking for a product line which i could sell in India.


Dear Puneet

There are various lines of garments available in UK. Primarily in UK manufacturing is restricted due to costs and all major brands majorly import from China.

There is a huge potential for import otherwise as the casual clothes in UK are comparatively cheap in UK. Moreover there are many manufacturers in EU primarily who design good quality clothes and have a nice range.

If you further need any guidance in relation to any legal guidance in this matter , please feel free to contact us.

Nitin Datta


Dear Puneet

I work with the UK India Business Council where we help UK companies with the queries for India. If you’d like to speak more about business opportunities and a guide to help you please contact us at enquiries@ukibc.com .

Many thanks


Hi Puneet,

We could meet and discuss various options starting from clothes,FMCG to food and drink.
My contact details are as follows:
Kiraan Sharma
Senior Trade & Investment Adviser
UK Trade & Investment
New Delhi 110 021

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