What paperwork do I need to export fruit juice produced in Turkey to export to India from UK?


We are a trading company registered in UK. The goods will be dispatched directly to India from Turkey but the Invoice will be send from UK


Dear Walter

We suggest you ask the receiver in India precisely what documentation they require
in India to clear the shipment and to meet with their local regulations for importing
fruit juice.
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Dear Walter,

Whenever we have exported full loads ex Turkey to various destinations, the Turkish supplier attends to Turkish export customs. Your supplier would then send you their invoice, packing list covering the goods loaded and assuming you are controlling the freight, have your bills issued in the UK showing your name as the exporter. You inturn would send your customer in India the B/L, your invoice and packing list as the seller. It is recomended to obtain the importers BIN ( Business Identification Number ) and show it on your invoice. Also foodstuff to India usually require a Health Certificates raised by an official authority in the exporter’s country. As mentioned in the above answer, it would be wise to double check with your customer in India to confirm what other douments they would require to clear the goods on arrival. Please feel free to contact me directly if you require further assistance or freight rates as I would be more then happy to assist / quote.
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