What paperwork do I need to complete to take product samples to an overseas tradeshow?


I am exporting a textile collection of luxurious printed textiles paired with an environmental education package to a soft launch event in Brazil at a scientific conference this October.

One of my project partners is attending the conference as a delegate and she will bring the products with her. We aim to present the educational information and to sell our products at the conference. What type of paperwork we would need to do to enter the goods via the airport (in a luggage) and how do I find out if there are any customs charges on these goods?

Thank you very much.

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Dear Jessica,

You may find the following article’s useful:


Information about what items are prohibited or restricted can be found here:

DHL also have a useful guide on importing goods into Brazil

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Dear Jennifer,

Thank you very much for the information. It was very useful. I think I need to fill a simplified export declaration for temporary import. Does anyone know where do I find the forms? The goods are going to be hand carried to Brazil to the conference. Thanks for any further advice.

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Hi Jessica,

Is this what you need?

If you need to make an electronic Export declarations you can ask a freight forwarder to make the declaration on your behalf. Please note that the exporter is always responsible for the data used.
Alternatively you can use a system such as e-z Consign (www.4-exim.com) to make the declaration directly to HMRC. You’ll need to request access to CHIEF – you can do this by adding a new service to your Government Gateway login and completing the PA7 form (via HMRC website).

Please let me know if you need any further help.

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