What market research and industry reports are available from the British Library?


Are ALL market research and industry reports available from the British Library?

This questions was asked during our webinar on selecting the right market, which you can catch up with here –



Morning Peter,

I am not sure of the answer to that specific question – I would doubt it, though.

But what are the questions that you are trying to answer?

Even if all industry reports were available at the British Library, I would make two observations: firstly, it is rare that ‘off-the-shelf’ market research meets the intelligence requirements of specific companies; secondly, they will, of course, represent a snapshot at a particular point in time, when really the value is in monitoring these markets and adapting accordingly – this is one of the distinctions that I would make between ‘market research’ (often one-off) and ‘market intelligence’ (an ongoing process).

There is a wealth of raw data available, and frequently updated, via the likes of UKTradeInfo, UN Comtrade, the EU, etc. Although "raw" is the operative word!

I have written a blog on the challenges that SMEs have with export market intelligence (link below), including some examples as to the kinds of things we can do. Please feel free to drop me a line if you think I can help you further.



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