what items are covered the EU -Mexico trade agreement


My client is looking to ship to Mexico later in the year
and understands that the trade agreement might reduce
duty rates on goods entering Mexico..
Is the same products that are covered by EU – South Korea
trade agreement.
Is covered by EUR1 etc

Colin; Crown Freight
T01263 513127


Firstly one can find this information on http://www.mexico.doingbusinessguide.co.uk, there also some hints on the American website just for your perusal on http://www.export.gov/mexico/doingbusiness.
I was wondering whether you had tried the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in the UK, I think their new number is 0207 235 2302 the website is www.mexcc.co.uk but there are two contact addresses so I do apologise but I do not know which one is correct but they are contact@mexcc.co.uk or contact@mcc-org-uk.com.
On the Customs website http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk/mexico
one can download the HMRC reference Notice 832 (from May 2012) also the important one is Notice 826 Tariff Preferences: imports and/or Notice 827 Export preference procedures.
There is also a Mexico Country Desk Department for BIS on 0207 215 5000, Excise and Customs will be able also to assist you on 0845 010 9000.
Should you wish to know about what Tariff Headings are needed then one can call 01702 366787 and ask what four digits they require for your Tariff preferences or headings.
This may be a little old, as I have not done any work in Mexico since last year, but I hope it is of some use.


Dear Colin,

Although a vast number of goods are exempt of duties due to the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the European Union, there are some duties reductions that are not necessarily 0% rate.

In order to identify the exact amount of duty to be paid, as well as the non tariff regulations, or applicable permits, you must know either the Harmonized Tariff Code Classification System number (HTS code) or the specifications of the goods.

Please contact us at UKTIMexico@fco.gov.uk and let us know what your sector is, so we can tell you how we can help.



Hello Colin,

This is the resource I use for checking ad valorem taxes/duties for Mexico:


1. Enter your HS Code
2. Click on ‘Aranceles y Normatividad’
3. Check the table that appears and see if EX. appears (Exempt) in the Com.Europea box


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