What is the duty for importing packaging from outside the EU into the UK?


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I am looking to import packaging from outside the EU into the UK. With this packaging (fabric pouch bags and printed cardboard boxes), my products will then be packaged in the UK.

How does customs and duty work with regards to the import of packaging? I wasn’t able to find much information online and my courier company isn’t in a position to provide any advice.

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Every commodity had a different Duty rate upon import, and this also Duty rates can vary depending on which country the goods are being imported from.

You can use the HMRC Trade Tariff to try and find an appropriate commodity code which relates to your goods, in which this will also advise the Duty rate. Website is: https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff

If you need more help to get, you can email the HMRC Tariff Classification on: mailto:classification.enquiries@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk
Please give them full description of the goods, what it is made of etc. They should also advise a Duty rate for you

If you need further help, please email me on jayleigh.pilbeam@woodlandglobal.com

I work for a freight forwarder so can help you with further enquiries and any transport quotations import or export

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Hello Mahbir,

Cardbopard boxes

The commodity code for importing is 4819100000.
Importing from outside the EU is subject to a third country duty of 0.00 %.
Goods are subject to VAT standard rate.

The commodity code for importing is 4819100000.
– Third country duty: 0.00 % ECC Regulation R1789/03

– VAT standard rate: 20.00 %

Source: http://bit.ly/1nILE78

Fabric bags

For what concern the fabric pouch bags, you have to be more precise about the material.

Here below the link to carry out your own research, after having found the correspondent commodity code you click on it and then click on the upper bar IMPORT : http://bit.ly/1Sv0HyI

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Hi Mahbir,

Just to add to the information already provided, the process very loosely would go as follows:

> goods are shipped
> you attain shipping and commercial documentation
> you send shipping and commercial documentation to a customs broker / freight forwarder
> they will arrange for the goods to be ‘customs cleared’ and send you a copy of the customs clearance document (this document will denote the amount of liable VAT and duty)
> you make payment for the VAT and duty
> your goods are customs cleared and free to be delivered

There is more to this than I have included but this should give you a very simple overview of how it works.

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