what is the difference between less than truckload and semi trailers?


I am hoping to send out a trailer load of 1570, pallet quantity 60 of 70 litre boxes of 370gms. They measure L=600mm X W=400mm X H=400mm (external) L=512mm X W=343mm X H=375mm (internal) box type: attached lids.


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Are you after prices for transport or something else?


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We can help with this.

Please send an email to min.IFLexports@btconnect.com with more details.

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Its Colin from Crown Freight here .If you could forward to us details of collection point
and delivery points we would be pleased to help. Our email is colin.crown@ntlworld.com
or phone 01263 513127
I believe a" semi trailer" is an American term for trailer that is attached to tractor unit and
"less than truckload " is when a shipment only takes part of the space in a truck/trailer.

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Colin ; Crown Freight

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