What is the best way to send large volumes of craft material to the USA?


Hi I sell craft material through Amazon usa. I want to start sending larger volumes so need advice on the best way to do this.

Can anyone assist please?


HI Simon,

you have a few options when shipping cargo to the states depending on what ‘larger’ means. you could look at LCL, FCL or Air (not recomended)

if you want i can go through it in more detail and give you some advice?

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Hi Simon,
If you are selling direct to end users from your website then you will need to use a parcel type of company. If you are selling bulkier quantities then it will also depend on your customer’s expectations of delivery time.
Stephen quite rightly gives you choices and you should go to a logistics company that can do it for you.
It will also depend on your trading terms, if you are shipping ex-works then your customer is paying,and organising their own shipment. see http://exportadvisory.com/incoterms-2010/
Obviously with the exchange rate helping you, I am sure you are becoming more competitive against www.dickblick.com who alongside Michaels sets the standard for websales in USA for art&craft materials.
It also depends what stage you are at with your penetration into US as you could use a fulfillment house like Notions Marketing which is also in this sector. I have got a colleague based in US in this sector if you want further advice.


Good Morning

As the previous respondent said LCL is you next step up the shipping volumes ladder. However air freight is also an option but rather an expensive and unrealistic one.
LCL – wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Containerization#Less-than-container_load

The issue you might face with dealing with amazon would be that you would need something like a third party to then deconstruct your shipment into the individual packages.

You could also look into drop shipping as a possible business model if you can find a helpful US wholesaler that might be willing to take a large shipment of your product for a cut.

As always feel free to give us a shout if you need any assistance.

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