What is the average cost of getting a website translated?


What is the cost to have the website ready for international trade?

(This question was asked at the ‘Don’t get lost in translation’ webinar on March 11th 2016.)


That very much depends on the website, your products and the number of languages you wish to address. In addition, you can simply duplicate your website and then get it localised and translated, if you are addressing only one more language. That is relatively inexpensive, although the translation costs will vary according a) to quantity and b) to level of technicality.

It’s impossible to give you a price without having a full brief and an understanding of what you wish to achieve. Please respond if you would like to have such an exercise.


Hi Sam,

Translation isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. Our pricing structure is very transparent; it’s based on the number of words.

Taking your homepage as an example, I reckon it would cost you less than £100 + VAT to get it translated into French, German, Italian or Spanish.

If you’d like me to prepare a full quotation for you, feel free to get in touch.



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