what is an EORI and do all companies that exporting need to have one?


I have a Duns number, and a Ncage number, so is an EORI beneficial.


Dear Rosa,

If you are exporting / importing you should have an EORI number – Economic Operator Registration & Identifcation Number in place. I believe it was intoduced by Customs in June 2009 and if you were VAT registered at this time and involved in imports / exports your VAT number would have automatically become and EORI. If you were not VAT regsitered at the time you would have needed to apply for one. If you want to emaiul directly with your VAT number I can check on the European commisions website to see if you are registered.

It is not linked to your DUNS number ( Data Universal Numbering System) nor your Ncage number ( Nato Commercial & Government Entity Code)

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An EORI number is a number, unique throughout the European Community, assigned by a customs authority in a Member State to economic operators (businesses) or persons. By registering for customs purposes in one Member State, an Economic Operator (EO) is able to obtain an EORI number which is valid throughout the Community. The EO will then use this number in all communications with any EC customs authorities where a customs identifier is required for example customs declarations.

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