what import tax would i pay to import 10,000 mobile phones from china to uk to morrocca


I am looking to import phones from China to the UK and then import to Morrocco.

Can you advise of customs tax etc and any other costs and certificates required



As far as I am aware this is no import duty on smart phones from China however if the goods are landed in the UK before re-export to Morocco you need to pay 20% VAT before they can be taken out of customs. When they are re-exported, VAT can be claimed back

Most large Chinese smart phone manufacturers already have distribution networks all over north Africa so you would need to make sure you use your own brand on the mobile otherwise they may not want to sell to you.

You need to pay Moroccan import duties according to the certificate of origin (China). I know some of the larger Chinese mobile handset manufacturer let me know how you get on.

David Bill


Dear Paula

Please advise terms of shipment collection point in China and port of destination in Morocco
together with number of cartons , carton size and weight per carton then we work out
the freight charges etc . Please contact us directly on 01263 513127 or email us on
[email protected] and we will do our best to help .

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Colin ; Crown Freight Ltd

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