What impact will Brexit have for Food and Drink exports to Europe?


How do you think Brexit might impact exporters of Food and Drink Products in Europe?


  • The interesting thing here as far as IP goes – is there seems to be little that is subject to change. Brands will continue to be protected in the EU and UK with registered trade marks, and there is likely to be a period where EU marks are protected in the UK, even though the trade marks are not currently used in the UK. One issue that may impact trade post Brexit is consumer regulation. For example, some additives may be banned in the UK but not the EU and vis versa. There is also a big push to stop the export of live animals, which may mean that only refrigerated or frozen meat can be exported.
  • More significant changes will occur behind the scenes (in relation to logistics, taxation, tariffs and so on.) This could, for example, increase the price of goods at the point of sale – or create issues within the supply chain such as delay and further inspection.
  • The importance of IP can’t be underestimated especially in a world of online sales.
  • Brand value and consistency will be very beneficial to companies as a stabilizing influence in the eyes of the consumer when so much behind the scenes may be subject to change.

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