What has to appear on a box of teabags?


We have a range of 12 blends and will shortly be reprinting our boxes. We want to prepare them for export covering as many countries as possible.


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There are a number of articles and guides on the right hand side of this page
there was alsoa webinar last week, which has been recorded on You Tube
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Hi Simon, this is really a legal compliance issue for which you need specific compliance advice. We specialise in food label translation, but specific requirements depend on the individual required target markets, and we can provide compliance reports if required, but these are not provided in house, and I am not claiming personal legal expertese with the following: Minimum requirements are likely to be best before, quantity, COO or produced and packed statement, company address and/or that of a distributor, legal title of the product, and ingredients, you may also need to include nutritional information. As a general rule, EU countries will have very similar requirements to the UK, other parts of the world may have very different requirements, e.g. the US FDA requirements are likely to need separate US packaging if targeting the States. Some countries have laws concerning equal prominence, e.g. in Canada, Canadian French has to have equal prominence to English. Apart from the legal side, there is also the marketing side of translation. As a consumer, I’m much more likely to buy a product which is labelled only in my own language, or where my language is prominent, this inevitably gives a trade-off between marketing best practice and practicality. If you have too many languages on pack, you will have issues with legibility (due to minimum font size requirements), but also won’t appeal as strongly to consumers. We would obviously love to translate your full back of pack info into 36 languages, but best advice is likely to be to select a few carefully researched target markets, and provide the most comprehensive translations you can within the parameters of legality, the best marketing message you can convey, and practicality for consumers.

Hope this is helpful, happy to quote on compliance and translation needs. I can be contacted on 0115 9788980


Hi Simon,

Just to follow on from Mike’s reply, apart from the actual mandatory information you must also consider the layout of your labels, including specific font size and field of vision, as well as the pictures which may be added to your labels.
Ashbury can offer you guidance and label approval for many countries, both within and outside of the EU.

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