What Export Documentation do I need?


Dear Sirs, I am a new business exporting for the first time, I understand that I require an export Licence and need help in this regard.

Thank you

Robert Sedgbeer


Hey there Robert,

Not necessarily, it depends on what you are planning to export.

If the goods are what you would refer to as a ‘general, non hazardous goods’ then it is likely that you may only need to apply for a EORI number from HMRC.

There are different licenses for different things but for the most part they apply to things which common sense might dictate (electronic technology, military goods, radioactive materials etc). The organisation to ask about licenses would be the Export Control Organisation (ECO).

The more you read up and the more organisations / people you speak to the better! Gov.uk / HMRC is a very good central point from which you can ascertain most of the information you might need.

Kind regards,



Hi Simon,

Thank you for your help and response its very much appreciated. Do you provide shipping expertise?.



Hi Robert, could you let us know what the product is, we may be able to offer some more details advice.

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