What essentials need to be translated on food labels for european sales?


what essentials need to be translated on food labels for european sales.

(This question was asked at the ‘Don’t get lost in translation’ webinar on March 11th 2016.)


I can’t answer this authoritatively, but I believe many countries require food labelling to be complete in local language. For example, in Portugal, all imported foods have a translated label that overlays the existing UK English label.

At a minimum, I would suggest that your website needs to declare the food content and values in local language.


Hi Stephanie
This is a question we get asked frequently here at the UK Food and Drink Exporters Association. One of our Associate Members, Ashbury Labelling, is an expert in all aspects of food and drink labelling – happy to put you in touch with them if you drop me an email me your details.
Nicola Thomas: Nicola@ukfdea.com


Hi Stephanie,

We carry out the printing, labelling and re-packing of food and drink items that need to be exported. As Nicola suggested its probably a good idea to speak with Ashbury Labelling for their thoughts for exactly what is needed for each country.

We label various products that go all over Europe but for instance the items we re-label for good that are exported to Belgium have to have both FR and NL translated ingredients, nutritional values as well as country of origin and who imported the goods.

We are a one stop shop that you can send us you goods we can re-work them and then arrange delivery to your customers all over the worls. If we can help with the re-labelling or need to chat further then please do get in touch.

Kind regards, Mark

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