What duty and tax implications are there exporting goods from UK to Russia?


Exporting purchased goods for GPS tracking devices for a golf cart management system with additional touch screens which show hole description whilst driving on golf course


Taxes and duties depend upon the origin of the product, and their purpose (as defined by the Commodity Code). Depending on the Commodity Code selected, Customs procedures vary, but in most case Taxes will be Import Duty and Excise (if applicable). Plus, the Russian importer must pay VAT (18%) per the commercial value of goods plus import duty. The taxes must be paid into Customs’ bank before the goods arrive at the terminal. Clearance only starts with confirmation of receipt of these tax payments. For your devices (which are electronic I guess), you need a Declaration of Conformity (but this document does not affect tax or the Customs clearance itself). Excise is not applicable for this product. So, the short answer will be Import Duty + VAT ! I hope this is helpful.

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