What documentation do I need to ship antlers to Thailand?


I am shipping some personal effects to Thailand and part of the consignment is 3 sets of Deer antlers. Apart from the commercial invoice, do I need any other documentation.


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I hope you receive some useful answers soon. In the meantime our documentation section contains a lot of useful information regarding documentation, especially this article on using the MAD database which might be your best bet for finding out which forms you need to complete –


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Dear Mr Gorman,

Thank you for your query of September 28th regarding exports to Thailand.

You’ll need to make an export declaration. This is usually done on your behalf by the shipping agent using an electronic form C88.

With regard specifically to antlers, I recommend you contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency to ask about any impact the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) might have on your shipment.


You should seek advice too from the customs authorities in Thailand to see that there are no restrictions that might apply to the importation of antlers into Thailand.

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